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This section contains the current draft roadmap for the OpenCDMS Project until 2030.

Years Tasks
2019 - 2020 Eighteenth Session of the World Meteorological Congress requested development of a reference open-source CDMS

OpenCDMS as a framework for collaboration established as a project of the OpenWIS Association
2021 - 2022 User stories, functional requirements & acceptance tests for reference implementation

Development of a next generation data model to be adopted as a WMO standard
2023 - 2024 OpenCDMS reference implementation presented to the Nineteenth Session of the World Meteorological Congress for endorsement

CDMS data model to be endorsed by Cg-19
2024 - 2025 Software testing in focus countries (ACP project ends June 2024)

OpenCDMS installable open-source software package available. Start of implementation and training
2026 - Continued implementation and training. Maintenance and further development of the OpenCDMS software package