Welcome to the OpenCDMS Community

OpenCDMS is the reference Free and Open Source Climate Data Management System.


  • The OpenCDMS Project has not been launched yet.
  • This website is currently under construction
  • Content may change at any time

The big picture issue that we are trying to address

Quality climate data underpins significant decisions that:

  • affect the lives of billions of people and the future of humanity; and
  • result in the investment of countless billions of dollars globally.

Climate scientists spend too much time trying to collate climate data into a format suitable for global and regional analysis.

There have been estimates that this effort may take in the vicinity of 80% of a project's time and effort.

This situation is unsustainable, particularly in a time of climate crisis.

We need to turn this situation around so that less that 20% of time is spent on resolving data related issues. 

In fact, our longer term goal is to facilitate near real-time monitoring of the climate so that early detection of climate trends is possible.

Help the OpenCDMS Community build the tools to make this possible.

The OpenCDMS Community will be working collaboratively with governments and other organisations to help resolve a range of data and data exchange issues. 

Our aim is to facilitate a step-change in climate data management globally.

We intend to keep the OpenCDMS Community as a friendly, safe and collaborative environment for you to work within.

All community members are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct.