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Getting Involved


The OpenCDMS Project is actively seeking strategic partnerships with additional interested organisations and stakeholders.

In addition to partnerships, we are also actively seeking contributions from business analysts, users and software developers in addition to a variety of other experts. See the Organisations section for more details.


The OpenCDMS Project needs help from users interested in the following areas:

Requirements gathering

Help us to understand and document the requirements of the next-generation of CDMSs based on your experience of existing solutions.

Software testing

Testing will initially be restricted to a limited number of focus countries, however users who are actively involved in the project will be welcome to also test out earlier versions of the software.


Help will be needed writing the user documentation and also providing translations of material into different languages.

Software developers

The OpenCDMS Project continues to need assistance with software development.

Currently, the main languages used are Python and R. Experience, or an interest in, SQLAlchemy, Flask or Pandas would be especially useful.

The project will also work on a web-based user interface and develop reusable web components. Experience, or an interest in, React, TypeScript, Progressive Web Applications or W3C Web Components would also be especially useful.

We would also welcome help with system adminstation including Linux, Docker and possibly Kubernetes in the future.

The majority of software developed for the project will be made available under the agreed open-source license. Developers will also need to sign a Contributor's Licence Agreement (CLA) which authorises the project to use your contribution. More details are available on request.

Subject-matter experts

Members of the OpenCDMS Project are contibuting to the development of a WMO CDMS Data Model Standard. All experts with experience of Climate Data Management Systems are welcome to join in with this work.

We particularly need help from people with experience, or an interest in, UML (and Enterprise Architect).