Project management committee

Chair (ad interim): Peer Hechler - September 2020 to September 2021

The terms of reference for the Project Management Committee are established in the OpenCDMS Project Charter (see "Functions of PMC". Members of the Project Management Committee are also members of the Project Advisory Team. Membership of the PMC will be reviewed at least annually.

The initial Project Management Committee is comprised of:

Role Name
WMO Secretariat and Project Advisory Team representative Peer Hechler (deputy Nirina Ravalitera)
OpenWIS Association representative and member of WMO INFCOM (SC-IMT) Jeremy Tandy
Member of WMO SERCOM (ET-DRC) Denis Stuber
Project Technical Team representative Ian Edwards
CDMS user representative Steve Palmer
Hydrology User representative Vasko Stojov
Future Project Stakeholder Group representative Vacant