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Principle aims

  1. Improve interoperability among existing CDMSs
  2. Create a Reference Implementation for a fully-compliant next-generation CDMS (with guidance from expert teams and a broad range of implementers)
  3. Work to support, and collaborate with, existing projects with the intention of ensuring CDMS users continue to benefit from existing support structures, software and services

In addition, OpenCDMS will continue to follow the principles set out in the terms of reference for WMO technical commissions*, ensuring that solutions:

  1. Are user-driven and provide Earth system observations, processed data and relevant services, products and information to Members;
  2. Are applicable, accessible and with life-cycle management across the full range of WMO Members;
  3. Are built on a modular and scalable principle to the extent possible;
  4. Make full use of existing WMO and other relevant standards and regulations;
  5. Make use of and promote public-private engagement where advantageous;
  6. Incorporate state-of-the-art optimal and fit-for-purpose technology;
  7. Are based on user requirements developed in coordination with the Services Commission and the Research Board;
  8. Are building upon existing partnerships and networks among communities of practice within the service areas, which are beneficial for WMO Members.

*World Meteorological Congress. Abridged Final Report of the Eighteenth Session. WMO-No. 1236, resolution 22 page 88. WMO Geneva