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OpenCDMS Overview

The OpenCDMS software is expected to be available by 2025
See roadmap and frequently asked questions

The effective management of climate, hydrological and other environmental data (referred to below as Earth system data) is critical for earth observations monitoring, analysis, modelling and prediction - at the national, regional and global levels - and is essential for the effective, timely provision of related services.

One of the most important elements in being able to manage Earth system data effectively is having an effective (Climate) Data Management System (CDMS), where ‘Climate’ is considered to be inclusive of Earth system data with a time-series component.

What is OpenCDMS?

By 2030, we see a world where all nations, especially the most vulnerable, are more resilient to the socioeconomic consequences of extreme weather, climate, water and other environmental events; and underpin their sustainable development through the best possible services, whether over land, at sea or in the air

-- WMO Vision (WMO Strategic Plan 2020-2023)

The OpenCDMS Project is a community of collaborators who are working together to address Earth system data management needs of developing and developed countries by setting and implementing global data management standards and good practices, thereby improving data management practices and triggering existing and upcoming data management solutions to adhere to these standards (see Getting Involved).

The project is focused on the development and application of recommendations, best practices and standards intended for all climate data management systems and also the support and creation of free and open source software solutions to assist with implementation.

The OpenCDMS software

The OpenCDMS software is a product of the OpenWIS Association. The goals below are all in alignment with the associations aim to: "facilitate collaboration on the development, promotion and sharing of open source software for the exchange of global meteorological information".