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Communications Sub-group (COMMS-SG)

Co-ordinator: Karen McCourt

Current Deliverables:

  • Communications plan (April 2020)
  • Initial website contents including FAQs (April 2020)

Communications plan

The draft Communications Plan and Frequently Asked Questions documents were reviewed in the Project Advisory Team meeting on Wednesday 27th January 2021. Following further review, these will be made available via the OpenCDMS website and further communications activities will be agreed.

Initial website contents (including FAQs)

The original OpenCDMS website contained a single placeholder page that was not updated regularly. A new approach to the website was agreed during the discussions on communication strategy.

The website will be separated into five top level sections which aim to aid navigation for visitors. These sections are: “About”, “for users”, “for organisations”, “for developers” and “for experts”. Content may be accessible via multiple navigation pathways or may be customised depending on section.