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OpenCDMS Cloud

The WMO technical commissions are mandated to promote the development of systems that “make use of and promote public-private engagement where advantageous”.

To date, the OpenWIS Association’s primary purpose has been the management of open-source software development. However, the association seem supportive of the OpenCDMS Project’s ambitions to work closely with large cloud providers to provide a not-for-profit production-ready implementation of the service.

OpenCDMS Cloud would be a separate and parallel activity to the OpenCDMS software project.

Instead of organisations facing a bewildering and fragmented array of service options with many commercial providers, the OpenCDMS Project intends to explore the option of working with one or more cloud providers to provide a centrally managed solution. Commercial partners would be welcome to help develop and support this central solution, but would work under terms set by the project.

An OpenCDMS Cloud solution would go beyond the capabilities of the OpenCDMS open-source software solution by offering enterprise-grade production-ready solutions including additional security, monitoring/analytics, scalability and API management.